Article Marketing to Boost High Quality Traffic

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Content Marketing is the top branch of article marketing. Because it the best type of advertising in which many companies write. So that many business owner place their short articles in a strategic way on internet. That's why this is the secret of their success in online market.

Article Marketing to Boost High Quality Traffic fast
Article Marketing

Introduction to Article Marketing !

Online marketing doesn't have to be time intensive. It doesn't have to take ages to take effect either. In fact, with proper outsourcing you can use article marketing. So that you can drive herds of traffic to your website in less than twenty minutes a day. Article marketing is the best way to drive traffic to your site. It helps to get backlinks to your site too. So that this is the first thing you need to understand it. You can submit articles in article directories. So that getting backlinks may easy for ranking in google. Writing a high quality article consists three main parts. These are headline, body and resource box. Because many articles sites follow the various limitations. For example in the resource box, you can add one or two links to your website. Because resource box is the promotional tool.

Doing Your Keyword Research

The keyword research and title writing are the most important parts of article marketing process. By and large it's best to do this yourself. Because this is what takes up half of the twenty minutes. Aim for low competition keywords to start with. Yes, you can rank for high competition keywords in the long run. But if you're looking for an instant traffic boost, go for the low-hanging fruit. Pick out those keywords and write attention-catching titles for them. A reader should feel drawn to the title by reading it. Remember, it's not about rankings only. It's also about getting people to click on your listing once you're ranked. So that your title should be more attractive and appealing. It must by eye catchy. And when they have entered in post. Their reading tune should be well and same as when they started to read post. How To Start An Online Referral Business And Land Consistent Daily Commissions Without Creating A Product Or Building A Website – Join Today!

Find a Quality Writer You Trust

Find one or two quality writers that you can trust. Usually you'll have to go through five or six writers before you can find one or two that are stellar. Make sure they have first class English. Make sure their writing is correct and has personality. Check it against Copy space for the first few submissions. Also pay attention to their response time. In article marketing, how long do they take to reply to emails? Is their work turned in early, on time or a little bit late? Their behavior early in the relationship is a good indicator. Because what it'll be like working with them in the long run. Find one or two out sources you feel confident outsourcing. They must be in well organic traffic sources for your article. An outsourcer will be happy to do it for $1 or $2 apiece.Join DROPMASTER, The Ultimate Shopify Course!

Article Marketing to Boost High Quality Traffic
Article Marketing

Create a Consistent Publishing Schedule

Create a consistent schedule for when you want content published. For example, let's say you want to publish two articles a week.Create a list of topics and titles for your writer for the month. Make sure to answer any questions about the assignment before they start. In article marketing it is necessary to contact your article publisher. And to let them know when to expect the articles. You can send them all the articles at once. You must ask them to publish twice a week. And you can also send the articles to them to publish as they come to you. Because this whole process will take a week or two to set up. But once it's up and going, something miraculous will happen. You'll get all the benefits of article marketing. Because, it’s while putting in very little time yourself. Effective online Music Marketing you will learn How to USE Instagram advertising cost-effectively to grow your Spofify profile & playlists.

Create a Viral Report that Spreads Like Wildfire

It's clear that a free report that goes viral can bring in traffic much faster. Because it is fast than SEO and PPC combined. It also can bring you free targeted visitors everyday. So you can get help as addition to generating hundreds of backlinks that'll help you rank in the long run. Now question is that ow do you create a viral report. So that others can't help but pass on? Let me tell a little about it. There are two kinds of reports in article marketing strategy. Suppose someone published a list and used "flower-mug". It may that phrase to start with eye catchy attention. Thus report can catch fire and passes around to thousands in this marketing. You must send them free report. And if your report is perfect then other will glad to pass it.

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Tools to Increase Virality in marketing

There are the best ways for you to increase the viral flow of the report. First step for article marketing is an opt-in page to download the report. It will help you if you capitalise words on the traffic generated. But it can also turn some people off from downloading. You can use one other best method, to embed Facebook and twitter links. So it will easy for them to like, comment and share. If you ask them to share it with their friends. So your report may get viral stage. So creating a report that spreads like wildfire needs more knowledge. Such report needs original or organic to achieve mechanisms to spread. You need to post free report to internet forums. If it need payment, then pay for your report. It will generate many replies and more viewers with more downloads. Digital Marketing and Free Traffic!

Getting the Initial Distribution

In order for your report to have the chance of taking off. It needs to get initial distribution. In article marketing other words, it needs they download it. They no of people must between 100 to 500 people first. Because it is necessary before the power of virality can take effect. Lists play big role and should always be big in size. If you have an email list of a few thousand people. As I said here before, post the free report to internet forums community. Pay to post it in a commercial section if necessary. So that it'll generate many replies which will in turn get you more viewers and even more downloads also. In summing up, don't neglect your own network. Even posting it to your Facebook wall. Because if you have several hundred friends. It can help you get the much-needed initial distribution.

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Find Small Yet Targeted Sites to Advertise On

Here as you know, one of the most overlooked sources of traffic is buying ads. Advertisers get it with smaller websites in your the market. If ranking of monthly views of such websites are good. And from T1 Countries like United Sates, UK and Canada. Then advertisers banner ad may get good response. These ads are available on under-priced. Such as with CPMs far lower than you could get from professional webmasters. Those may be from buying them from a network like Google AdSense. How do you find these sites to advertise on? How do you negotiate your ad deals? You need to search such big monthly views sites in google trends and other traffic sites. So that you can collect traffic data of great sites for your banner ads. Super Intelligent Forex Tool – Unique Key To Successful Trading.

Boost your site traffic with article marketing
Article Marketing

Locating Potential Sites to Do Deals With

Start with a Google search. Search using your main keyword. Then as many long tail keywords as you can think of. Look through the first page, the second page and the third page. Remember, we're not looking for the "big players" who land in the top five. But smaller sites with less traffic that might still be worth advertising with. Also look through Google's content network listings. ;You can do this by logging into your AdWords account. And then going to "Placement Targeting" and "Find Placements."Type in your keyword and look at all the listings that come up. Focus on the moderate traffic listings for your article marketing location. Finally, look on each of these sites and try to find links to other sites. If you can come up with new keywords as you browse through some of these sites.

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Making Contact In Article Marketing

If you find someone anyone's site with the Google Content Network. Then the offer should be pretty simple. You should pay them 10% to 20% more than Google is paying them on a CPM basis. And they don't have to worry about CPCs varying. They get a PayPal payment from you every month. If you're contacting a website that doesn't have advertising on it. Then your job is a bit trickier. You'll be talking to webmasters that may have no idea what the market rate for an ad is. The upside to that is that you'll sometimes get spectacular deals. Here is an example for this. You be able to pay a college student $50 a month for an ad that's ranked in the top five for a trafficked keyword. So that it is necessary to check website on other traffic data analytics. Get Guest Post With Us!

How to Navigate With Website Owners

The is the best way to navigate this is to come up with an approximate number. The number which you're willing to pay per CPM or CPC. Stick to your guns and don't deviate. What's the best way to make the initial contact? Phone, if possible. Get their phone number on their website. So that you can give them a phone call. If you can't get a phone number. Then you need to send them an email. But before it, make sure the email is to the point. You must include your website and makes it everything clear for good article marketing post. Keep in top that you're ready to make a payment. It is the best way to find smaller websites to advertise on. You can contact them in easy way. This is the cheapest yet most effective sources of advertising too. You can pay them by paypal. Super Affiliate System 2020 - John Crestani's Course


So that, article marketing is the best for every business. If you have big email list. And You send free reports. Then it plays top role in marketing. Next we talked about keyword research. This is again very necessary part of marketing. But it needs more study. Business needs community for viral his report you know. If you are in search of advertising space. Then you need to check statics of single website on many analytical platform. So that you can get organic info about that website. Thus business or individual should always escape from wrong ideas. Keyword research is very essential part again. If business owner is using Google Adword or Bing advertising. Then he needs regular check up for keywords. And he should keep only those keywords which are getting traffic and clicks. Thus here you can choose best for your product advertising.

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