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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Good mentors must keep good qualities for the best mentoring. He must fit, enthusiastic and value learning. Because top mentors must know how to treat with respect listeners and encourage them to be active.

Learn Mentoring Best ways to deal with mentee
Mentoring Success

Introduction with Mentoring!

A mentoring relationship should be rewarding for both sides. If only the mentee is getting something out of the relationship. Then there chances are the mentor will soon opt out. It's common for mentees to think that they have nothing to give back to their mentor. That isn't true. Though you might not be able to give back in a monetary way. Because the fact is most mentors aren't in it for the money. So how can a mentee give back to a mentor? At the most simple level. Mentors want to feel good about the fact that they're making a difference in your life. So that let your mentor(s) know how they've made a difference in your life. After every meeting with you. Your mentors should walk away feeling like they did a great thing. This feeling is why many mentors give a helping hand. FREE TRAINING: "How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online" By Jhon !

How to Do Public Mentions

Another way you can give back to your mentors is through public mentions. So that As you and your company become more successful. You'll have the opportunity to speak in public or to write for public. When that happens in your mentoring. Then you need to go out of your way to mention your mentor(s). This will help them build up their name and also gives them a sense that you do appreciate what they do for you. If you read books by successful people. You'll find that they often acknowledge their mentors and influencers by name. They'll do this not in the "acknowledgements,". But in the core of the book itself. So that find places to mention your mentors in public and they'll love you for it. This is the backbone of public mentions. The Best Way To Post An Article!

What Makes Mentoring Successful?

Finally, the ultimate way to say "thank you" to a mentor is to be successful. Mentors want to know that they made a difference. Because their contribution helped you hit your goals. Mentors want to make a difference in the world. If you go from starting a brand new business. And you run a successful entrepreneur thanks to your mentors. They'll feel very fulfilled. They'll be glad they took you on. As you know mentoring is about helping another person. Means anyone can learn through a good relationship. It is good way for transferring knowledge and to promote best practices at work. It develop the best leaders. You should ask your mentee what are their priorities. What they want to know abut most. And what areas are they hoping to improve further. So that you can prepare yourself to resolve their inquiries and problems.

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How To Give Back to Your Mentor

Though mentees usually can't give back to their mentors in financial ways. But, you'll often be able to give back to mentors in emotional ways. For the best mentoring, make sure mentors feel good about helping you out. You also need to make sure they walk away from your meetings glowing. Then take next step that they're better off having spent time with you than if they hadn't. You should not view your mentorship as relationship. It does not as you taking something from them. But view it as a mutual relationship. Where they want to make a difference and you're their conduit. Because they're making a difference in your life and your business. So that for return, they get a wide range of emotional benefits from your side.

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Do successful Mentoring with Mentees

How to Build a Team of Informal Mentors

Mentorship relationships should not always like formal relationships. Sometimes they can be as simple as "if I have a question, can I send you an email?" relationships. So while as individual these relationships might not change your life. Then having a whole rolodex of these kinds of mentors can make a big difference. So how can you build up this network of informal mentors? A great deal of any professional growth depends on interaction with others. It is mutual learning from each other. When think to ask to your colleague to serve as an informal mentor. Then you need with more care that what you want. Such as, do you want to learn a specific skill? or you want to gain exposure to a process job role? So that setting goals is crucial to the success of your mentoring partnership. Digital Marketing!

Where to Meet Mentors

Getting your foot at the door to meet mentors can be tough. Here are a few different ways to do it for mentoring. First, talk to your lawyer and your accountant. Hire the best lawyers you can, even if you don't need their legal services yet. Why? Do it for the network. Because the best lawyers also have high level clients. Have them do the introductions for you. Another way you can make contact with successful individuals is through social networking. Many CEOs today run their own Twitter feeds. Because Re-tweeting their messages to them can help build up a relationship. So you can drop them an email or send message. You can also make it a point to attend conferences and trade shows. Meet influencers in person, build a connection and ask them for mentorship face to face. How I earn around 150$ each day with Affiliate Marketing.

What is the Authenticity Key ?

The key to making a great impression on a potential mentor is through authenticity. Imagine for a moment what the world is like from the eyes of influential people. Lot of people want your attention. But the vast majority of them want your attention. So that they can get something from you. You never know when people are approaching you. Because out of genuine desire for connection or friendship. Or if they have an ulterior motive. Because this is the reality of what it's like to be top successful. The successful people tend to have walls. The only way these walls is mentoring to be genuine and authentic. If you're nervous about meeting them, say so. If you're building a business and want their help, be upfront about it. Don't pretend to be their friend with an ulterior motive; be 100% honest from the get-go.

What Kind of Mentorship to Ask For

You no need to go overboard with your requests. Your requests for mentorship should straightforward. It shouldn't need much of a commitment from your mentor. Ask them for if you can send them an email if you ever have a question in a specific arena. You can also ask if you could do a quick phone call with them at some point. But do not ask for extended mentoring relationships. Until you build a real connection with mentor. Repeat this process again and again. So that you'll slow but amass a rolodex of successful people in different arenas. And you can contact if you ever get stuck in your business. Depending on the focus of the mentoring relatioships. It is very useful to discuss the level. It needs confidentiality expected in the partnership. FREE Traffic In Just 30 Minutes Per Day!

Why and How to Find Mentors

One of the best place to find mentors is your business' investors. Because investors are high networth individuals. They have already experienced business success on their own. Because their experience, knowledge and skills can help you. So that you avoid pitfalls and make the right decisions for your business. Mentoring needs trick. Because it is a tricky thing. Lot of people want it. But they don't know how to get it. You must invest for yourself to find the right mentor. First know your needs and how someone can serve for it. Suppose someone has mentors and he with his mentor have special bond. Mentor knows him well and pushes his buttons. Mentor works better for him. He starts to accept the challenge. But after seeing the results he shares his experience with others. Because mentor is responsible with role as mentor.

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Best ways for Mentoring with Mentees

The Money vs The Expertise

Here is the example of Pierre Omidyar. He is the founder of eBay. When eBay got benchmark capital in 1997. They were already quite profitable. Because the site was growing at an enormous rate. They had investors begging for them to take their money. They refused for the money. Because they didn't want to sell off a part of their company. So that they decided to take on Benchmark Capital's money for one reason and one reason only. The expertise of the partners. Through Benchmark, eBay found Meg Whitman. He managed to lure her away from a lucrative position in Hasbro. She played an integral part in the company's success. Investors sometimes bring money to the table. While money is important, it's often not the most important thing. Because when you're choosing investors. Then try to choose investors to the table: Expertise. Connections. Experience. FREE TRAINING: "How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online" By Jhon !

Where to Find Mentor Investors

If you're raising capital for the first time. Then you're going to be looking for angel investors. Such as (rather than V.C. investors.) You may also be looking at startup incubators. Angel investors for mentoring can be great mentors. But can also be tough to land. You need to have your pitch together. They're not putting their time on the line, but their money as well. You should try to get involved with local angel organizations. And make pitches at angel gatherings. Visit local entrepreneurial events. Such as talks by V.C.s or "Startup Weekends" to meet angel investors. Those, who scout such events for startups. Startup incubators are another option for you. Famous ones are Y Combinator and Tech Stars. The incubator world tends to focus on the tech scene. Whereas angel investors invest in all industries. Thus find mentors as investors.

What is a "Niche Mentor?"

A niche mentor is someone who knows one specific area of your business model very well. For example, let's say you run a eCommerce website and you want mentoring. You're getting to the point where you need to switch from dropshipping to run a warehouse. But you & staff member has no any experience running a fulfillment operation. You don't know what the right equipment is. Because you wouldn't know a good employee from a bad one. You don't know where to start. Instead of looking for a "business mentor,". You should looking for someone who understands fulfillment very well. This concept applies for every business. The expertise you need might be financial. It might be technical or manufacturing. It might be in going abroad. But whatever the case is, sometimes it makes more sense to look for mentors at very specific arena.

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Figure Out Where You Need Mentoring

Break your business down by all the different areas of expertise needed. Because to continue the eCommerce example, the breakdown might look something like this: - Ability to generate traffic

- Ability to run the web software

- Ability to find wholesalers and distributors

- Ability to run fulfillment

- Ability to find investors

You might look for mentors in each of these individual areas. Some arenas, like finding investors, can be addresses by any mentor. Other areas, such as finding wholesalers from China are better addressed by specialists. This is only for an example. So that you can understand this figure of mentor relationship. DROPMASTER | The Ultimate Shopify Course

Hire Some of These Mentors

When you're looking at a broad business mentor. Then you're usually looking at someone who has a very casual relationship to your company. You might only meet with them for mentoring and for coffee once every week or two. Because these kinds of mentors tend to be high networth individuals. So that you won't be able to bring them onto your team unless they're also investors. There are many niche mentors won't be high networth individuals. For example, an expert on how to run a great fulfillment operation. He is suppose not a millionaire. You'll often be able to hire these people and bring them on your staff. Your staff can be your mentors. As Michael Dell says, your core group of employees should always be smarter than you. You shouldn't be pulling your employees to the next level; instead they should be pulling you.


When we decide to do mentoring for our business. It requires a good study and planning with mentees. But as you know, every business who wants to overcome his business competitors. He must always keep his eyes open. The technology is changing everyday. So that every businesses must get feedback from their customer. And they need to make improvement according to their customers. Because this is a powerful weapon to take any business on height. Here in this post I’ve given to Free Training Course Links. These may be useful for you to learn more.

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