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What Is Carb Cycling?
Carbohydrates, sometimes called carbs, are an ongoing hot topic now. Some nutritional experts are starting to associate them with problems such as inflammation, diabetes and obesity. However, others continue to insist that they are an essential part of our daily diet.
So, are all carbohydrates bad for you? And how much carbohydrate should you eat every day? This is where carbcycling can help.

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Introduction  4
Chapter 1: Benefits of Carb Cycling   7
Do I Need to Lose Weight?  7
Am I a Bodybuilder?   11
Chapter 2: What Does Carb Cycling Involve?  17
Carb Cycling – The Basics  17
Is Carb Cycling the Same as Keto?  19
Chapter 3: What Does a Carb Cycling Diet Look Like?  23
What do I eat on a High Carb Day?  23
What Do I Eat On A Low Carb Day?  24
What Does A Week-Long Carb Cycling Plan Look Like? 25
Chapter 4: How Does Carb Cycling Help with Weight Loss? 35
Chapter 5: Are There Other Benefits to Carb Cycling?    39
Chapter 6: What do I Need to Remember About Carb
Cycling?   42
Get it Right for You 42
Calories and Protein  45
Chapter 7: Types of Carb Cycling  49
Chapter 8: Which Foods Are Good On A Carb Cycling
Regime? 54
What Are Good Carbs?  54
Good Fats and Proteins  60
Chapter 9: Sample Carb Cycling Programs  63
Chapter 10: How do I get Started with Carb Cycling?  73
Conclusion   79


Carb Cycling

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