Quit Snoring Now!

I’m here to reveal the secrets that will finally help you, and your loved one, stop snoring and get a sweet night’s sleep tonight - and tomorrow night - and the night after that -  and so on!  But first, before we go any farther, let me ask you a quick question: Did you know that snoring is often not just a minor annoying problem but also a symptom of a more serious health condition?


Table of Contents
Quit Snoring Now!  1
Take Back Your Nights  1
Introduction 5
Snoring is Not Only Annoying  5
What is The Damage?  5
How Bad Can It Be?  5
Snoring is a Constant Issue 6
Why Are You Reading This?  6
Chapter One. 8
Understanding Snoring  8
What Factors into How Loud a Person Snores? 8
Men Snore the Most 9
Snoring: Causes and Amplifiers 9
What is so Bad About Snoring?. 11
The Physical Aspects of Snoring 11
Sleep Apnea in Depth  12
The Emotional Aspects of Snoring 13
Chapter Two 16
Snoring and Surgery  16
Snoring Does Not Equal Surgery. 16
Snoring Surgery16
Reasons to Deny Surgery for Snoring 18
Overview of Surgical Procedures for Snoring 19
Chapter Three 23
Non-Surgical Solutions to Snoring 23
Medicinal Solutions 23
Devices for Snoring  24
The Sandler Pillow™ 24
The Snore Ball 24
Sleep Position Monitor 25
Nasal Strips  25
Nasal Dilators 26
Throat Sprays 26
Snore Stopper™  26
Snoring Appliances. 27
Oral Appliances  27
Tongue Retaining Appliances  27
Mandibular Advancement Appliances 28
Thronton Adjustable Positioners 28
Palate Lifters 28
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure  28
Lifestyles and Snoring – Diet  29
Allergies 29
Weight  29
Eating Habits  29
Clean Living 29
Lifestyles and Snoring – Exercise 30
Throat Work Out 30


Quit Snoring Now

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